Formula 1’s 20th Anniversary

Formula 1’s U.S. Grand Prix in Austin Marks Its 10th Year

Formula One’s U.S. Grand Prix in Austin Marks Its 10th Year

Austin, Texas (July 12, 2014) – The 2013 race at Circuit of The Americas marked the 10th anniversary of a Formula One world championship event. This year, with the 2014 race in Texas, the race marks its tenth anniversary. This year also marked another milestone – the race’s first season in the U.S., a fact that makes it both historic and significant in the annals of the sport.

The first Formula One race to be held in the United States

Formula One is the most successful motorsport race series in history. To date, the series has generated $34.4 billion in economic output. It is also the oldest professional racing series on the planet. In a country with an annual population greater than the United States, the formula racing series has proved to be a unique and exciting addition to the U.S. calendar. In an increasingly competitive, fast-paced, and unpredictable global economic environment, Formula One has found itself on the frontlines of global competition, providing consumers in many countries with fast, efficient, affordable transportation.

In addition, Formula 1 has shown that by providing a competitive business model, it can also be a powerful force in fostering the economy, tourism and culture of the world’s most-visited destination. In 2010, Formula 1 held its first-ever Grand Prix in Austin, Texas. This was a significant move in Formula One’s global expansion and is a major milestone in the evolution of the sport of Formula 1.

After the race in Austin, Formula 1 has a busy schedule in the U.S., featuring races at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas, hosting the U.S. Grand Prix, a race that will mark it’s 20th year in the top spot of the F1 calendar.

The U.S. Grand Prix in Austin marked its first-ever race in the U.S.


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