Jin Jin, a Korean boy band member, plans to return to Korea to serve the people

Jin, lead singer of K-pop boy band BTS, to enter South Korean army and is ready to return to Korea.

Jin, who was part of the K-pop boy band BTS for seven years from 2009, first entered the army at the age of 19-year-old to protect the future of the nation, he mentioned. At the same time, he also revealed plans to return to Korea to serve the people as a member of the Korean People’s Army.

He revealed the plans when he was invited to serve in the army in the first place. “The army has shown trust towards me by inviting me to join. I believe that they will help me grow as a person,” he said.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to join the army,” he continued. “However, I want to see Korea’s country to bring out more of the true beauty of my country’s people, a country which has made me feel so good.”

Jin’s father, a general in the army, was killed in a car accident in the South Korean capital city of Seoul, five years ago.

He said that he is ready to return to Korea and serve the people.

“It is important to me to be in the army. I love the army and I want to work with the people. It is an honor to serve a country,” he said.

He also revealed he plans to enter a school to train as a teacher to serve the people. “I want to become a good teacher and to learn the art of teaching.”

“I would like to make a contribution to people and make a positive contribution. When I went to school, I never saw people in a happy and cheerful state.”

A spokesperson from the spokesperson of the South Korean army told The Korea Times, “BTS is a very famous pop group in South Korea, and they can be compared to

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