Bella Hadid’s latest fashion collection is a celebration of feminine curves

Bella Hadid’s spray-on dress goes viral at Paris Fashion Week

Bella Hadid’s spray-on dress goes viral at Paris Fashion Week

LONDON (CNN) — It was the first fashion show in Paris since the Paris terror attacks last week, and it took place in the heart of the city.

Bella Hadid and Dita Von Teese were among the models taking to the runway to promote the launch of Hadid’s latest fashion collections.

“I get a little bit scared about everything because of what’s happening in Paris and all the other tragedies that have happened lately in the world,” Hadid told CNN’s Richard Quest.

She said she felt “very, very happy to be here” and that she “was very excited about the collections,” referring to the launch of the Hadid Collection, a fashion line she created together with design adviser and former designer Karl Lagerfeld after his departure from Louis Vuitton.

The line, which had a presentation with a runway show on the Eiffel Tower last week, is a celebration of feminine curves and is a departure from the designer’s previous collection that was much more subdued colors, low-key and uncluttered.

“We are talking about fashion, about femininity, about simplicity, about a sense of style and femininity that is not very common this year,” she told Quest.

She acknowledged that the line has “a good reputation but… it’s not a name that means anything to everyone,” and admitted that fashion houses have started to make their own “trends” instead of trying to copy each other.

“I think it always feels like you have a huge marketing problem when you really really want to create something unique that no one has done before. It’s very hard,” she said.

“You have to give so much time, so much money, so much everything to make it exactly the right way and to make it really good.”

Hadid said she had been thinking about this collection since she was a teenager and that she has “been trying to find a way to do it without using the word [‘casual’] or any other word, really.”

The designer confessed that she has been experimenting with different ways of selling her clothes, and she said she is now “testing a lot of different ideas” with the concept of the collection.

A version of this story first appeared in the July 30 issue of Time.

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