Paris Saint-Germain’s first day of pre-season training has been a success

Kylian Mbappé tells CNN Sport why he stayed with Paris Saint-Germain, and what he will do next

Mbappé told CNN Sport why he chose Paris Saint-Germain and what he will do next

The first day of pre-season training for Paris Saint-Germain has been a success, with the club confirming a pre-season tournament that will be played every two years.The club will also be holding a mini-tournament that will be attended by around 100 players.

The club’s president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, spoke to CNN Sport, as well as its president, Thierry Marx, and the club’s director of football, Leonardo, before the first day of training began.

Thierry Marx spoke to CNN Sport about the squad’s strengths and weaknesses and the importance of the new coach, Kylian Mbappé, for France’s World Cup hopes.

“I am proud of what we are doing,” Marx told CNN Sport of the club’s recent transformation under Kylian Mbappé. “We have a very young squad, but we have already established a structure for players.

“The structure gives them time to be ready for their debut.”

While the club’s new structure has helped the team to improve, Marx warned that the players are still raw and inexperienced, and that they need to improve.

“If we train well, we are probably going to play better games.”

Tournament in Qatar

The club confirmed that it will hold a mini-tournament in Qatar that will be attended by around 100 players. It will be held in August, and will be open to clubs that want to take part.

Mbappé spoke of the need for the team to prepare themselves well for their World Cup, which begins on June 14.

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