I Don’t Vote For Trump, I Vote For Garcia

Letters to the Editor: Rep. Mike Garcia should be sorry for a lot more than his ‘Third Reich’ comment this week.

Garcia is the former Republican representative for an Orange County district that Donald Trump won by a 23 vote margin, even though he only garnered 29 percent of the vote there and received just 9 percent statewide. In fact, the incumbent even said after the election that he was going to vote for the Republican who will make it all the way to the White House in 2018.

The reason why he is at the top of the GOP’s list is simple: He is the only Republican in office who has been brave enough to stand up to the Democratic party and stand up for our country.

As a Republican, he is an embarrassment, which in a town filled with Democrats is no insult. He’s not only embarrassed by the Democratic party, but he’s embarrassed himself. It is so sad that he thinks the Democratic party is in the ‘best interest’ of our country.

Just look at what is happening in the government in this county. We have a Democratic congress and they are trying to make us all live in poverty just to get our vote. They want to take our guns away. They want our money. They will throw us in jail for no reason.

And I have to say, I am tired of Democrats stealing our freedom and taking it right out of our pockets.

We are tired of Democrats wanting to raise the taxes on the middle class to pay for their crazy ideas of government. I’m tired of them wanting to take our guns away because they just don’t want us to have a hunting area.

So to be honest, I didn’t vote for him just because he was a Republican. And we don’t vote in the state of California, we vote for the person we believe in. We vote for the person with who we want our life to change and for the person who will stand up for our country.

I’m not a Trump fan, I’m a Republican who is tired of these Democrats taking our freedom out of our pockets and being mean to us.

I think Garcia was a mistake for making that statement. I’m sorry I don’t think you have what

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