HAROLD SCHMID: The Chinese Scientists Don’t Know What It Is

GREG GUTFELD: Why isn’t the government investigating COVID’s origin? Why are we still struggling to figure out what the virus is?

ARNITA BHAGAL: Well, in a sense, when the virus first started turning up in China, scientists said, “Well, we have no idea what it is.”

And then a few Chinese scientists came up with a theory about it.

ANDREA COULSON: This idea that this virus, in fact, was somehow created by human beings?

HAROLD SCHMID: Well, there was the possibility of an animal. There was the possibility of a meteor. There was a possibility that it was an asteroid that hit a farm. There might have been a very small amount of virus that was released by an infected person, which then infected another person. Which then, again infecting another person and then on and on and on until you have this deadly virus that is very contagious.

So, the Chinese scientists said, “We’ll take a look at whatever it is.” And then one day, they gave me this.

COULSON: This is a picture of an unidentified white powder.


COULSON: What was in it?

BHAGAL: Not a virus. It was, again, a powder.


COULSON: That’s an awful taste.

BHAGAL: Right. And it turned out that it was powdered human excrement. I guess you can imagine what that would do to a person, right?



COULSON: And you know, it’s funny to take a picture of what you hope is something and then when you look at it, it turns out that it’s not what you thought it was going to be. But at this point, you know, I don’t know what it is.

And, of course, the Chinese scientists said, “Well, we’ll make up a theory.” And, of course, they didn’t.

BHAGAL: It turns out that, at the time, they were actually going to make something up, and then they were going

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