Democrats are running a recall campaign against Inslee

Many remain critical of state of U.S. democracy: AP-NORC poll

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Washington State voters could decide the outcome of a recall campaign that could cost the state’s Republican governor and top executive office if election fraud is found.

Republican Gov. Jay Inslee is being challenged by three lawmakers in the Seattle-area election that started Tuesday.

The race could be decided by less than a percentage point by October 7, or by a wider margin if voters discover irregularities in the vote, according to AP-NORC estimates.

The Democrats, including Inslee’s chief of staff, have not yet made any formal charges against the state Democrats against which they are running the recall. In an affidavit, state Democratic party president Chris Tyler accused the governor of not using enough resources to respond to a mass shooting in Seattle last month.

The three recall candidates who have filed their names to run for governor in the state are state Sen. Jim Hargrove, state Rep. Chris Dettinger and state Rep. Chris Murtha.

Inslee is backed by former presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats’ recall campaigns have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in small-dollar donations over the past year, as Inslee has used the office to build an alternative to Washington’s income tax and an online state unemployment system.

The recall challenge from the Democrats was one of many that Democrats across the country launched to oppose Republican governors. Democrats, meanwhile, remain critical of state of U.S. democracy, and President Trump and Republicans who try to use state elections to gain a partisan advantage.

Democrats accuse Trump, or Republicans, of trying to manipulate the state’s election system, and they have called for a major investigation.

The AP-NORC poll is a collaboration of the Associated Press, the NORC

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