Climate Change: The New Book

Climate change is fueling extremism, raising tempers along with temperatures around the world, experts say

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A ‘green’ city or country, or an eco-friendly building would be a “major attraction” for terrorists, says the author of a new book on global warming.

Futility is the goal of climate change activists and people who want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to the author of Uprooting Extremism: How to Stop Enemies of Freedom from Infested Cities.

“These kinds of people have a tendency, as I put it, to go into the city, and what they hope to achieve is to control the situation, to make the city a fortress like Iraq would have been,” said Patrick Butler, a professor of human ecology at the University of Texas.

Butler’s new book cites an incident during World War II in which climate change radicals in a Nazi prison unit were trying to cut off water to prevent the German soldiers from having their own toilets.

“We found the Nazis, with the help of an Australian scientist, talking on a wavelength that a few of us could hear,” Butler said. He points out that the book will not be available as U.S. citizens until the end of next year, when the U.S. government will have gone off-shore from a controversial climate-change law.

“It is a shame we won’t be able to get it into the market,” Butler said. For example, “climate-change activism will never see a commercial product because it is very complex and not a simple thing to sell.”

While the book does not offer solutions, the author says the solutions are already in place.

“The solution is to stop fighting this and to come together as one world,” said Butler.

While climate change is caused by human actions, which most scientists say human beings will continue to make, the author is adamant that the causes and solutions are beyond human control.

“This will remain so until we decide that we are free,” Butler said. “Until we admit that we are slaves of human nature.”

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