Elections Director Robert LaMonte is protesting double vote in Los Angeles County

Riverside County mailed out 5,000 duplicate ballots in error, but double votes won’t go through

The double vote was flagged Tuesday

Huge backlog of Election Day ballots still unaddressed

A Riverside County election worker is holding a checkbook as a form of protest.

Riverside County Elections Director Robert LaMonte is making people wait in line to vote in Los Angeles County before heading to the polls as part of an anti-corruption campaign.

After Election Day, the voter rolls are not counted. They are marked as “Invalid.” LaMonte’s office said Tuesday’s 5,000 voters flagged by Elections staff as potentially double voters should not have been double voters. The error in the rolls was contained to Los Angeles County.

The Riverside County office has an extra $10 for one of these voters, and LaMonte is holding the checkbook to symbolize his protest.

Here is his campaign to prevent double vote:

“The double vote issue should have been caught by the Los Angeles County staff,” LaMonte told my ABC 7 Eyewitness News crew after learning of the error.

I wanted to know if anyone had a second or even a third chance to cast a ballot in Riverside County because the voters on the left side of the line were not counted.

A county spokesperson could not say if elections officials in Los Angeles County realized the error in the Riverside County voter rolls, but election records show double votes won’t be counted, which LaMunte is demanding.

“We have a huge double vote problem still in our county,” LaMonte said. “That issue has been a very controversial issue in California.”

After a huge backlog of ballots and an early mail-out of ballots, the County was unable to verify all the voters, LaMonte said.

In addition, the county has a backlog of more than 2,000 voters, so La

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