Toronto Mayor John Tory’s Taking on the Housing Crisis

Will John Tory’s ‘prudent’ leadership be tough enough to tackle Toronto’s big issues if he’s re-elected?

Toronto mayoral candidates have already announced their intentions to take on some of the city’s most pressing issues, and they’ll be looking to Tory to take on the top job. The race for Toronto Mayor remains wide-open and candidates to date have put forward their visions for Toronto’s big issues, ranging from transit, to water and waste management, to affordable housing, crime and neighbourhood issues.

“I would be very confident that John Tory will be a great mayor for Toronto. He’s got a lot of experience and wisdom and I think he’s well-equipped to handle the big challenges in our city,” Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti told the Star recently.

The mayoral race has been a race between incumbent Mayor John Tory, and two other prominent candidates, former city councillor Gord Perks and businessman Rob Ford, who is being replaced at city council by David Soknacki. In addition, a new political party has been created called the People’s Party of Canada, which is expected to run candidates in the mayoral election.

In many ways, Tory has been able to dodge the most serious problems facing Toronto today and concentrate on tackling the more mundane problems. He’s been able to take on the thorny issues by staying on as the chair of the city’s economic development committee and by making some difficult decisions that have helped create a stable municipal economy. But, the biggest single issue facing Toronto today is what to do about the city’s public housing crisis. Tory has kept that issue under wraps this campaign, instead using it as a fundraising device.

The housing crisis was one of the most divisive issues in the mayoral election and Tory has been able to keep it out of the spotlight this campaign. Tory took on the issue early on in the race by announcing he would end Toronto’s public housing

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