The State of New Jersey

Nicholas Goldberg: Why I’m voting against Rick Caruso. (It’s not because of his positions on the issues.)

The state of New Jersey and the political climate in this country have been good to me. The state of New Jersey has done an excellent job.

When I was growing up, you can remember that when it came to sports, New Jersey was considered the land of basketball. We had some of the state’s best teams; they all were in the Garden State Conference. They were all very close, and when they were playing, they were always very, very good.

We had a little bit of basketball in New Jersey, and I grew up with some of the greatest players in the state of New Jersey, and they came out. They grew up with me in basketball. I don’t know if it’s a sport I had to pick up, or if they came out. Either way, they were good players.

We had some really tough teams in the Garden State Conference. And I didn’t grow up a big basketball fan, but if they played us, we won.

I grew up in a working class neighborhood in Kearney, and the local team, the Kearney Chiefs, were very good. The Chiefs won a number of state titles there. We did a lot of traveling to different schools to play them, and we did well. They were very good teams, and played some great basketball, and they won more state titles than anybody else.

There was a little bit of hockey in my childhood, but I don’t think I had that big of a love for it. I think I was a total hockey snob. That wasn’t something I wanted to play, and I wasn’t able to play it. So it was kind of a surprise to me when I went to school there that there was hockey.

I was out there in my car for two days in elementary school; I don’t remember that. I think I just had a conversation with my dad about it. I don’t remember any of it, and I

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