The Public Sector Workers’ Pension Fund is Facing a Funding Crisis of $2 Trillion

This bank is trying to keep employees by offering paid leave for menopause, and the CEO is not only trying to keep his job with this, but he isn’t able to get a pension for the remaining years of his life.”

Meanwhile, the public-employee pension funds that have to make contributions to their funds on behalf of their employees—either through payroll deductions from them, or through investment in their accounts—are facing a funding shortfall of $2 trillion. This means that the pension funds won’t be able to pay their benefits and some of their retirees will see them go under.

“As a former member of the Chicago Teachers’ pension fund, I know of what I speak,” said Mary E. Taylor, executive director of the Center on Responsive Politics. “The public sector worker pension fund is facing a funding crisis. The problem is that the only way to solve those challenges is to cut back on the size of government, and that is, in the end, going to mean fewer people in government doing public good.”

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