The Knicks’ Win Over the Hawks Was a Story in Its Own Way

Yankees-Guardians Game 5 Is Postponed Until Tuesday

The New York Knicks’ Game 5 victory over the Atlanta Hawks was a story in itself.

The Knicks had been the more physical team, but it took a lot of physicality from their opponents, as evidenced by Hawks’ fans throwing milk at the court and Knicks fans throwing popcorn at the Hawks’ bench.

At the end of the game, there was a group of Hawks players hooting and hollering “Damn Knicks!” “Damn Knicks!” “Damn Knicks!”

These remarks, of course, were met with groans from the Knicks players.

A number of people were quick to point out that it’s not like the Knicks fans were cheering for the Hawks, but rather for the Knicks.

Even some people were quick to point out how stupid it was for the Hawks to throw popcorn at the Knicks’ bench, as many people were left with dry, floured mouths at the comment.

It’s an interesting thing to point out, but what really makes me cringe is the Hawks’ fans chanting “Damn Knicks!” “Damn Knicks!” “Damn Knicks!”

Now, I know in a lot of cases, that’s because the Hawks are better, but on this day, was it really worth throwing a big box of popcorn at a Knicks bench?

It’s sad, really.

In an interview with Puck Daddy, Hawks’ head coach Mike Budenholzer said that the Knicks’ bench “looked like a bunch of kindergartners in the fourth quarter.”

“That was our fourth quarter, and we didn’t do anything,” Budenholzer said, adding that the Hawks out-did the Knicks as far as energy and intensity on both ends, and the Hawks got the W and the Knicks didn’t.

The reason the Hawks were able to get the win was because of four different Knicks bench players, which in Budenholzer’s eyes was their strong bench.

“We are the champions,” Budenholzer said when reflecting on his team beating the Hawks. “It’s a moment where people don’t know what to

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