The Argument That Democrats Are Just Too Far

RNC hitting Democrats with their own words that make them look goofy, uninformed and ineffective in the face of Republican bullying. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the first to have noticed this trend. It appears to be a very subtle but very powerful strategy.

We saw it in the Senate, where Republicans began their press conference by saying “I believe the Democrats will be able to control the Senate in this Congress…” and they proceeded to do just that by controlling the Senate.

And we’ve seen it in the House now.

Democrats were making the same point after House Democrats killed the “No Budget, No Pay” amendment they’d been promoting. They brought their talking points and laid them out on a platter for the GOP. As a result, we now have the perfect Senate-proof plan to get something on the President’s desk for his signature.

The point about the Democrats’ words is that they are just as effective as Republicans when the Republicans are doing the speaking.

This is why Republicans always bring up the argument about Democrats being “un-American” when they think they’re going too far.

The only problem Republicans have with Democrats is that Democrats will be too far.

Democrats always have been very good at making their opponents look stupid, uninformed, and unfit to run anything but their own personal life. When the Democrats go too far, Republicans always fall for it.

And when they fall, they usually don’t even have to run. It’s usually just the simple fact that they’re doing it that gets Republicans attention.

A lot of the current Republican talking points fall into this category. The arguments for the tax cuts often involve the argument that Democrats are just too far.

One would think that when it comes to tax cuts, the Republicans have no better argument than this one.

It would certainly be preferable to just say, “Hey, Democrats are the only ones who want a tax increase because they said no to a balanced budget!”

But the GOP can’t do that because they’re still afraid they may have to defend themselves from accusations of being “

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