“She Said”: A Woman Who Says She Was Raped

‘She Said’ premieres five years after Harvey Weinstein story broke – Variety

(CNN) — “She Said” tells the story of an alleged model who claims she was the victim of sexual assault. While others have come forward to share stories of sexual assault, few have gone as far as “She Said.”

The film centers on a woman named Alexis Davis, played by actress Viola Davis.

Davis tells CNN that in the documentary she told the story of her rape and assault. She said on Wednesday, she spoke for the first time publicly about her ordeal.

Davis said she was a 16-year-old high school student preparing for prom when she claims she was sexually assaulted and raped by two men. The men took turns raping her, Davis said.

Davis went into hiding for years after the rape and the assault was first reported to police by her mother. In 2010, Davis said she was called to a meeting that she said was conducted by police. Davis said she said they told her she had no case to answer.

She said she was then asked to come to the police station “to meet with a detective,” Davis said: “And they said I had no case. They said there was no evidence.”

Davis said she repeatedly called the police station with her story, but they were not willing to listen to her.

“I was crying and the detective was crying, and they said, ‘Well, she’s just crazy and doesn’t know what the problem is,’” Davis said. “And I was like, ‘No, you don’t understand how serious this is to me. I’ve been lying for a very long time.’”

“The guy, it’s like… I don’t know what he was like to look at. He was just a monster to look at, you can’t tell what he was like.”

In April of 2011, Davis went to the police station by herself and they charged her with a misdemeanor, she said: “The police were like, ‘If you can show us you were raped.’”

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