Kentucky Bourbon: A Journey Through the Archives

Savoring Bourbon, and Its Storied History, in Northern Kentucky


Month: November 2014

I just got word from my friend and former editor for this site, Tom, who is now working with me at Kentucky Bourbon Magazine. His wife, Lisa, was the executive producer of my first short film about my love for this stuff, and he is an expert on the subject. He has written an article that he plans to send to me.

Here’s a short story from the article:

It turned out that Bob’s story was well received. We had a few readers who even asked for a follow-up piece. We had only a few readers in the U.S. and Canada, but they got enough of an education from it to keep returning, some with their own stories. And, we still occasionally get letters from people who come to Kentucky to see the bourbon at the distilleries, not to mention the incredible people in the industry, who live there. (One guy told us he had been able to buy a big plot of land for the family home, and he lived there for years before he finally left.)

This story has given me a good start in understanding where our bourbon came from. It’s a journey into a very interesting time and place in history, and gives the reader a different and more complete version of the story.

At the end of this month, I’m going to be doing a podcast about Kentucky Bourbon with John, the head of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum in Louisville.

He was kind enough to invite me into his museum to go through the archives. This is how it works. You’re in The Southern Food and Beverage Museum in the old Bank of Louisville. (It’s now the Southern Food and Beverage Museum & Heritage Center.) You can come in and see the exhibit hall if you want. Then, you have fifteen minutes where you can take in what is, in this case,

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