Is Balenciaga Making a Mistake?

Can Balenciaga Break With Kanye?

A few months ago, I saw a pair of Balenciaga sunglasses I liked, but I wasn’t totally sold on the collection. The style isn’t a real head-turner, but it’s still a little bit interesting, and I liked the way the shades seemed to work well with the rest of the collection.

As it turns out, I was not the only one. The brand’s fashion director, Carla Bagnolo, said recently that she had to change her mind about the collection, and that she doesn’t have faith in the company’s decision to launch it.

She went on to say that, in her opinion, Kanye West’s “Facts of Life” video “definitely took away the spark,” but she didn’t think that was the only reason.

Bagnolo also said that the video influenced her to part ways, but didn’t go into details about the reasons. She also stated that she thought the style and the quality of the clothing would be better if the company did things differently.

She could have gone further into her accusations, but I don’t think the issue was as big as it seems. I think it’s a good sign that an influential person, like Bagnolo, is thinking about the direction the brand would like to go in, and not trying to ruin it by throwing as many stones as possible at the company.

I can’t blame the company, though. In the end, it’s their company, and they made the decision.

So, what do you think? Would you be willing to admit that Balenciaga has made a mistake in their decision to launch the line? Would you have done things differently, or would you have been willing to continue with the line under those circumstances?

We don’t expect everything to be perfect, but I think the fact that the decision was based on Kanye’s video is a sign that there had been some thought put on it. I don’t think that a more refined line would come out any better, but it would be a step in the right direction. It would give them time too.

The only thing that this is really pointing out is the fact that they have

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