Iowa’s Democratic Party is bringing in $4 million in donations

Biden policies timed to boost voter turnout in November: Dem strategists

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Democrats are going to the polls in record numbers, as President Barack Obama and his GOP rival Mitt Romeny try to win over working class voters with their tax cut and health care plans.

But there’s a twist to the game plan, says Democratic Party strategists, as one top Iowa-based strategist explains. It’s to boost turnout — not to win over white working-class voters but to help the party make up for some lost ground in November.

“We’re trying to get turnout up and to get it up so it’s more diverse and we want to make sure that we’re showing up as Democrats,” said Chris Van Hollen of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

It’s a strategy that could prove to be a key factor in Iowa’s pivotal presidential primary contest, as Republicans seek to show they’re more electable.

The Democratic Party’s biggest fundraising day of the year is Tuesday and it’s expected to bring in more than $4 million from 1,400 donors. More than $1 million of that is expected to come from within Iowa, and another $1.5 million or more is expected to come from out-of-state.

The biggest beneficiary of that money is the DCCC.

“We have so much cash in hand,” said Van Hollen.

The DCCC raised $9 million in January alone, and has already spent more than $17 million so far this year in Iowa.

The DCCC has made a key investment by expanding its presence there, as well as bringing on top political strategist Jon Carson.

“We’ve got a great organization, we’ve got an enormous amount of resources in the state of Iowa, a lot of resources from the National Committee, a lot of resources from other folks all the way up to the DCCC in Washington, we have a really, really big team here in Iowa,” said Carson.

Carson says he was encouraged by the success

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