Ferrari’s Nico Rosberg’s first major accident ended the race with positive results

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Formula 1’s world champions must be wary of the threat of a ban after a furious Mercedes driver caused a huge pile-up on the wet track at the German Grand Prix.

Lotus driver Nico Rosberg’s race was ruined when Valtteri Bottas’ car spun violently after cutting Lewis Hamilton off at the start.

He had already gone in hard, but the impact from Bottas’ front wing also damaged Bottas’ left front wing, damaging the car’s front wing at the critical moment.

It was a dramatic moment – but for a few precious minutes, the race was just as exciting.

Rosberg was not the only driver to have a poor weekend, with both Ferrari drivers’ cars suffering from contact, and their crews struggling to keep the cars on track throughout the race.

Nico Rosberg, however, showed incredible drive and resilience by recovering from his first major accident during his first visit to the German Grand Prix.

In the pit lane, he was given a 10-second penalty for “a safety-related problem.”

The second Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton also suffered a minor accident. His engine was damaged in a collision with Sebastian Vettel, then he was hit by a car with a Ferrari driver.

In the end, Ferrari’s two world champions ended the race with positive results – but the damage to the Mercedes appeared to be irreparable.

“I’m very frustrated about the situation of my team and also the situation of the race,” Rosberg said after the race.

“I had my chances and made some really impressive overtaking moves and then at the end, a major accident ruined everything, and I have no control of anything at all.

“I was really unlucky, because I had two good chances to do some good overtaking and I lost the one.

“One of the two cars I had after that incident was completely useless, I couldn’t move it anymore.

“I’ve been through some bad accidents in my career, but I think from the experience I have gained this year, I think that the last one was worse than others I’ve had in my career.

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