Daniel Craig to star in “Knives Out”

‘Knives Out’ director confirms Daniel Craig’s character is ‘obviously queer’

Daniel Craig’s character from “Star Trek Into Darkness” is “obviously queer” in the latest official casting announcement for the film.

Craig is set to play a villain in the film.

Producers are looking to cast and develop a young woman to play the role.

Here’s their official casting announcement, according to the Deadline Hollywood site:

“We are delighted to officially confirm that Daniel Craig (Star Trek Into Darkness) will be starring in ‘Knives Out’ as Charlie Price – and we are delighted to have him. Daniel is a brilliant actor who is obviously gay. We are looking for young women to play the roles of the daughters of Charlie’s new friends, but they also play a very important part. Our casting director has said, ‘They want to see a young woman playing the daughter, as a very important part of the story.’ She knows that Daniel can do this, and he is the best choice to play this role. The film takes place in Melbourne at a very difficult time for the gay and lesbian community, and Daniel will be an important actor in that film. He is thrilled to be playing a role in this film, and I know he is thrilled that this project is getting such a wonderful script.”

In the film, Craig will play a drug-dealing, homophobic mobster who is thrown out of the Australian underworld – and goes on to form his own crime syndicate.

While most recent casting announcements have been for a female protagonist, the film is co-written and directed by David Michod, who has made a string of critically acclaimed films including “The Knick” with Steven Seagal, “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” and “The Mummy” with Tom Cruise.

The movie also stars Bill Camp as Charlie Price, James Wolk as Michael Krahulik, Mary J. Blige as Tasha, and David Morse as Phil Jackson.

Craig starred in four of the five Star Trek films, and won a supporting actress Oscar for playing Captain Kirk’s best friend, Sulu, in the

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