Councilwoman Nury Martinez Resigns

Letters to the Editor: Readers call on Councilwoman Nury Martinez to resign

Last week the Council unanimously agreed to send a letter to the Editor suggesting that Councilwoman Nury Martinez resign.

Many community and faith leaders have been discussing your candidacy for mayor for months.

I have been a resident of Edmonds for four years and I feel your pain. I have seen the impact of city government that comes from lack of leadership and an open door.

City government has lost the way of doing business and your office is not the first to suffer.

You are young and not only are you ambitious but you are capable of leading our city. You have a strong community support that is very similar to mine.

If your campaign for mayor gets a boost this year, we could very well have a new face in City Hall that can unite our community and bring back the pride of the City of Edmonds.

If anyone is worthy, I believe Nury is.

The Council, on a 5-2 vote, unanimously approved the removal of Councilwoman Nury Martinez from the Board of Adjustment.

The next step would be for the City Manager to notify the board members that Nury had violated the following:

A. No person in a position of trust or confidence has ever asked or requested that they be removed.

B. A decision on the removal (or resignation) of a councilmember, member of the public or employee of the City who is under a councilmember’s supervision or in a councilmember’s confidence has been based upon a request of that person to be removed from the position.

C. A Councilmember, member of the public or employee of the City has been asked to, or has asked, the removal of a member of the public or employee of the City as a condition of employment.

The vote followed a letter from the Council informing Martinez that she faced a vote of no confidence at the special meeting on Monday, March 16.

The vote was 3-3. Councilman Bill Shoup,

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