Celui Williams, 14, arrested at San Gabriel Elementary School

California teen arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting child at elementary school: video

A 14-year-old student at an elementary school was arrested on a first-degree criminal sexual conduct charge on Friday following allegations he allegedly preyed on an adult co-worker at the school and performed a sex act on him, police said.

Celui Williams, who lives in Florida, was arrested at the school in San Gabriel, according to police.

Police said Williams is not a student at the school.

A school administrator told NBC4 the child was taken into protective custody after the allegation was reported to the school.

“We were shocked,” said San Gabriel Police Sgt. John Hall, who is familiar with the case. “It’s just shocking. It’s shocking to us that someone can do that stuff over there — especially in this day and age.”

Williams was previously reported as being a student at the school, but police confirmed Friday that he is no longer a student there.

A Los Angeles Unified School District spokeswoman said the school has not received any reports related to the incident.

An administrator at the school was suspended with pay, according to a statement by the district. It said the school district “acted immediately upon learning of this information and launched a full-scale investigation.”

The statement said that the district, along with the law, is cooperating with law enforcement.

The district said Williams’ conduct has no impact on students.

A source told NBC4 that a former teacher at the school had been charged in 2008 with sexual abuse of a child for allegedly molesting a student. She was convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to state prison and she will not be in any danger from Williams, who is a former student, his former teacher said.

The teacher, who was not authorized to speak on the record, said she was not aware of any allegations against Williams at the school.

Williams’ mother, who was not allowed to review

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