Carlos the Jackal: A History of the Portuguese Gangster

Carlos the Jackal Fast Facts: The Mysterious Character and His Career

Carlos the Jackal, a man who has been dubbed Europe’s answer to Joseph Stalin, has been a prominent political figure for over 30 years. The Jackal’s work is a collection of controversial statements and a collection of conspiracy theories.

Born in Portugal in 1977, Carlos the Jackal became an international target due to some controversial remarks made throughout his career. He was once considered the world’s top Islamic terrorist and in 2002 was killed in a shootout with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Here, we are going to take a look at Carlos the Jackal and his career to better understand what he was all about.

Early Life

Born in 1977 in Funchal, Portugal, Carlos lived a simple life as he was a father. His mother was a seamstress and had six children. He used to be a devout Muslim.

It is said that while growing up in Portugal, Carlos took it upon himself to kill the family pet. He then asked to be killed. An elderly woman agreed on condition that he was decapitated.

However, this young man chose to hide his identity and started to act like a gangster at a time where Portugal was involved in the fight against the Spanish republic.

While working as a lookout, he earned the name Jackal and became the most wanted man in Europe.


When his parents did not come to visit him, he started to stay alone in the basement of his family home. It was in this basement that he came up with his way of earning a living.

Soon, he started making the most of his opportunity and started to live off of his work. He sold drugs to help pay for his lifestyle.

However, this was in no way helpful to him as he started to become more ambitious.

His next goal was to get into a gang which helped him get access to money and a place to live. He worked towards becoming a famous footballer but ended up being killed in a shootout with the Portuguese intelligence in 2002.

Political Views

According to his biography, Carlos the Jackal’s political views are all about the war on terror and he is not scared of anyone

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