Apple AirTags are being used by Lufthansa on its flights

Lufthansa Says Apple AirTags Are Once Again Allowed in Checked Bags

German air carrier Lufthansa has allowed Apple AirTags in its checked luggage on its German flights with the first two in a little less than a week. Apple AirTags work using a combination of the onboard computer and a set of passive electronic tags, which are attached to the clothes or luggage of passengers.

The technology has been used by private companies over the last year, notably American Express and the German railway company Deutsche Bahn, which has been flying passengers in and out of Germany since April.

Apple said that it was not aware of the change of policy by Germany’s air carriers and had not yet heard from Germany’s Federal Transport Authority.

Lufthansa Group Managing Director Peter Lüscher said that “Apple AirTags have been used successfully by our passengers for many years. We are always open to new ideas and want to do everything we can within our legal obligation: to protect the privacy of our passengers. The technology is very efficient and allows us to track people who are travelling without them having to stop at the airport and check the details of their bags. But we need to make sure that the privacy for all travellers is respected.”

Lufthansa uses the technology provided by Apple, which has also been used in its own fleet of planes, including Boeing 777s as well as Airbus A380s, A350s and A330-200s. The technology is not connected to the airlines’ own tracking systems, which only record the aircraft’s flight plan, but do not collect passengers’ personal details.

The technology works by putting a set of passive electronic tags, or tags, onto the clothes and luggage of passengers, which are programmed by Apple with a unique ID number. These electronic tags can be read using special devices either on the same aircrafts or at third-party airport checkpoints.

Apple has been working with Lufthansa since March. From April, Lufthansa will use the technology, which also works in domestic flights too, to track the

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