A woman was critically injured when a police car struck her

$32-million settlement approved in child abuse death of 10-year-old Anthony Avalos The family of Anthony Avalos was awarded $32-million cash compensation after a jury found the boy to be 10 times more negligent than previously thought in the death of his father.

A group of men have sued the city of San Diego for a $100,000 settlement after a woman was critically injured when she was hit by a vehicle driven by a police officer during a pedestrian traffic stop in June 2014.

The woman, whose name has not been released, had been a passenger in a car driven by a San Diego police officer, David W. Pekoe, when an unmarked car pulled alongside her and struck the driver’s side of the car. She was in critical condition at the time of her injury and subsequently died as a result of her injuries.

“I thought I died and was dead and was put into the earth,” she said in a statement to NBC News. “I have peace, but I still have to live with the uncertainty of knowing I might die.”

According to a federal lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in San Diego, the woman was the passenger of a car driven by the officer when a marked police car pulled up alongside and struck the driver side of the driver’s car. The car then hit another vehicle, which then hit and fatally injured the woman.

The lawsuit claims the marked police car never intended to turn around, and that the officer was supposed to make a traffic stop in the area “but decided to flee into traffic and ignore the traffic stop.”

“The plaintiffs are seeking a recovery of damages for injuries sustained as a result of the plaintiffs’ own negligence regarding the circumstances which led to the collision at issue,” the lawsuit said in a statement.

The woman’s brother and sister each received $150,000 in the settlement, the news station reported, while the husband of the woman’s sister received $33

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