7 Things to Never Throw Out

7 things you should never throw away (or you could be in legal trouble)

A lot of our friends swear by this, and a lot of people are trying it now. I know, some of you have no idea what I’m on about. Don’t throw out old batteries and other disposable items. It’s not because you’re lazy, or it’s because you’re wasteful. I’ve learned that they’re not just for throwing away.

I’ve got a lot of stuff that I’ve had around for two years now. I’ve never thrown it out. Most of it is junk, but I’m still keeping my old iPod Shuffle or my old iPhone.

Here are 7 things to never throw out.

1. Electronics

Here’s something I’ve never thrown out. It’s my old power cord, that was made in Taiwan, and it fits nicely into a laptop bag. It’s got a few years of juice left on it, and my laptop is a little heavy.

For an iPhone 6, you can take a plastic, metal, or otherwise trashy old phone, and it’ll fit perfectly on the back of a laptop bag. They don’t make new ones anymore, but if you’re willing to part with an old (but still useful) one, it’ll work just fine.

Another important thing: if you want to sell your old phone, don’t just rip out the battery. I’ve been asked by people, “Have you ever heard of someone getting their phone stolen?” Well, yes, I have. And by someone, I mean someone who has a criminal record and may be a known felon. Not a thief. Just someone who had the mentality that ‘everything is for free’ is a criminal, no matter what that person does. And you should never be trying to sell or trade your phone.

2. Old prescription drugs

I have a

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